Important Covid-19 Information


Click here to get NHS advice and information about Covid-19, including symptoms, testing, self isolation and vaccination.  

  Face masks are now optional. However, we will continue to ask patients and staff to wear face masks while COVID-19 levels remain high.  

We are also continuing with social distancing in the waiting room. This is to protect vulnerable patients and staff, including those who may not have been able to have the vaccine.  

GP’s are unfortunately not in a position to provide individual risk assessments or letters for patients who feel they should be exempt from wearing a face covering. Government advice on the use of face coverings can be found on the link below. 

Do NOT come to the surgery unless you have been invited to by a doctor.

Please do not call reception for a fit note if you are off work because of COVID-19. Instead you need an isolation note

We will not tolerate verbal abuse or rudeness to our staff. Your call is being recorded. 


Update on the Covid-19 Booster Programme

All adults are eligible to have their booster 12 weeks after having their second vaccine. 

We are working at pace to increase the availability of appointments so that there are plenty of options for people on the National Booking System. Some local vaccination services will also contact patients directly. New appointments are being added every day across our vaccination services. 

We will be working with all of our sites to take further steps to increase what they can offer again, including opening later and on more days. All of these appointments will be added to the National Booking System and so we encourage everyone who is aged 18 and over, is yet to have their booster and who is approaching 12 weeks from your second vaccine to use the National Booking System to arrange your appointment when you are able to do so.

In terms of any planned appointments with Teams Medical Practice, there are no changes at the current time and everyone should attend your planned appointments as normal. If we need to make any changes, we will contact you directly.

See more about the vaccination programme, including the vaccination services:


NHS Covid Passport


Just like a normal passport, make sure to leave plenty of time before you set off on holiday to apply for your Vaccine Passport. If you’re getting the NHS App for the first time, it can take some time for your identity to be verified.


If you’re not able to use the App, as long as you’ve had two doses of the vaccine, you can receive a paper copy by ringing 119 and one will be posted to you within five working days.


More info here and at 

Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

We are working with our partners in the west of Gateshead to vaccinate our patients against Covid-19.


Please do not attend your Covid-19 appointment if you have symptoms of covid (persistent cough, fever, loss of sense of taste/smell) or if you are currently self isolating due to a positive test result.


Serious reactions to the vaccine are rare. Just like any vaccine you may experience soreness or skin irritation at the injection site. You may also get side effects such as headache, fatigue, mild fever, muscle and joint aches. These will tend to be short lived.


It is not a live vaccine and you cannot catch covid-19 from having the injection. Click here to see all adverse reactions to approved COVID-19 vaccines.


Those with bleeding disorders should speak to their healthcare team before having the vaccine. 

You should also wait for 7 days after having any other vaccine before having the Covid-19 vaccine.


Click Here to read more about the side effects of the Covid-19 Vaccine.

The booster programme has been approved by the JCVI.

JCVI statement regarding COVID-19 Booster Vaccine Programme for Winter 2021 to 2022.


Those who are eligible to receive the booster vaccine include: 

  • Those living in residential care homes for older adults.
  • All adults aged 50 years or over.
  • Frontline health and social care workers.
  • All those aged 16 to 49 years with underlying health conditions that put them at higher risk of severe COVID-19 (as set out in the green book), and adult carers.
  • Adult household contacts (aged 16 or over) of immunosuppressed individuals.


Further important information:

  • Pfizer is the preferred vaccine for the booster dose, regardless of which vaccine type the patient had for their 1st/2nd dose (unless contraindicated for Pfizer)
  • The booster dose must be given no earlier than 182 days from completion of the second dose.


Click on link below to book: 

Coming Out Of Lockdown

 It's OK to feel worried or anxious about lockdown restricitions finally being lifted.  

It's completely normal to take some time to readjust to parts of life you haven't experienced for a while, such as travelling on public transport or socialising at big events.


The NHS Every Mind Matters has a section dedicated to Coronavirus and wellbeing, providing expert advice and practical tips to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing during this time.  


If you feel you are struggling, we are here to help. You can book an appointment with one of our GP's to talk through your thoughts and any worries you have. Click here to book an online appointment or ring us on 0191 460 4239 


Alternatively, you can refer yourself directly to NHS talking therapies services, who can help you if your mental health is suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Every Mind Matters

Your Covid Recovery

Whilst the vast majority of people get better within 4 weeks after having COVID-19 (often even sooner), some people can continue to have symptoms for up to 12 weeks. This is called ongoing symptomatic COVID. 


If you still have symptoms more than 12 weeks after infection, this is known as post-COVID syndrome, or long COVID.


There is an NHS website dedicated to supporting people during their recovery, with loads of really helpful information. There is also a page for friends and family which explains how you can help loved ones who have ongoing symptoms.


Click here to access the Your Covid Recovery NHS Website. 

Further Practice Info

Face to Face Appointments

We are NOT routinely offering face to face appointments unless there is a clinical need for you to be seen in this way. This decision will be made by the clinician that calls to assess you. We aim to manage problems by the most appropriate method.

We may:

  • Be able to deal with your problem on the phone.
  • Ask you to submit a photograph via text.
  • Ask you to take part in a video consultation using your mobile phone.
  • Ask you to come to the practice to be seen in person.

Urgent requests

If you feel your symptoms are urgent we will add you to the duty call list. Urgent calls will be from a duty team – this comprises of our GP partners, GP registrars and trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner.

Non urgent requests

eConsult – You can submit an eConsult form online, you will then be contacted by the practice once this has been reviewed.

Telephone appointments – We offer bookable telephone appointments with a member of our clinical team. These can be booked in advanced or can be booked on the same day by ringing the practice at 7.30am Monday & Tuesdays or 8am Wednesday to Friday.

We also offer telephone appointments from clinicians who are based elsewhere depending on your symptoms.

Prescriptions & Fitnote Requests

  • We will no longer be issuing paper prescriptions or printing fitnotes.


  • Please request Fitnotes via econsult. We will email the signed Fitnote to the email address stated in the online request, this could take up to a week to be done.


  •  All prescriptions will be sent electronically to a pharmacy. If you do not have a nominated pharmacy already we will contact you to arrange this.



    Please note the following:

  • The practice now records all telephone calls
  • Do NOT call us asking about pharmacy services.
  • We will NOT be issuing rescue packs for asthmatic patients.
  • Do NOT call us about coronavirus symptoms – please access 111 online if you feel this is required. – we cannot offer any further information that you can get online.
  • If you have an appointment please WAIT patiently for reception staff to open our doors – they may be dealing with another patient.
  • We will not tolerate any aggressive or abusive behaviour
  • We are trying our very best to maintain our service and need the support of our patients